Saturday, 8 August 2020

Adopt Butterfly From Home in Malaysia !

Assalammualaikum and Hello uolls,

Few weeks/months ago, I decided to try out the butterfly adoption program, after I saw an instagram post from Dr Sheikh Muszaphar (uolls can visit his Instagram to search about it).

At first, I think its cool to try as during my childhood, we rarely hv the opportunity to try this kind of activity, due to you know (in the past, our technology isnt there yet), but now, Alhamdulillah I managed to get some income from my smol business, and I decided to try them out with my siblings. Especially, during the time I adopted them, it was PKP, and we all stays indoor doing nothing hahhha, I guess this is one of the activity that keeps us active and excited.

I am that type of person that need real things (infront of my two eyes, ok make it four, with my spectacle) to learn something. I adopted two butterflies pupa!

Incase you are wondering how the process looks like, Ive edited video of the process! Do check them out! (Click Here).

By the way, I do am  afraid at first, as my aunt said, what if, the pupa die during the delivery? , and kita berdosa if it die, cause we pay for it. I dont know the real hukum about it, but Alhamdulillah. Both pupas arrived safely.

I even planned to release both of them together, so that they can be friend in our small taman (which we released them there), but they both keluar waktu yang berbeza (which few days different).

Honestly, I do enjoy every moment of it! watching the whole process. I learn a lot. I hope with my small contribution, help to ensure butterflies to continue to fly, in Malaysia!

// incase if you think, the pupa isnt beautiful, dont worry. Once dia jadi butterfly, they are so beautiful!

If you are interested to try them out too :
Visit their instagram for more info

Monday, 28 May 2018

With or Without contact lens?

Assalammualaikum and Hello.

Its 11:04 pm as im writing this entry. and im actually not wearing my specs on bs im wearing my mask (its time to take care of my skin for raya~ hheheheh). well, u know, im 19 years old now (not officially ofc) and ive went to so many events for college, high school and etc.

and most of my friends who also wearing specs and some of them who didnt wear specs, will wear contact lens. and i still with my specs , one of the reasons why i didnt wear contact lens is because im afraid with them. well, u know, ive been reading a lot ,the -ve about the contact lens which contact lens tertinggal dlm mata, contact lens cair dkt mata, and theres a lot actually.

and i even did try to put on my friend's contact lens on myself, and ofc, i failed! bhahahahha~ and even my friend did help me to put on the contact lens but also failed bcs my eyes just keeps on blinking (i do have sensitive area around my eyes, reason why i hardly put on my eyeliner + mascara).

but at some moment, i do thinking that contact lens are one of the important think that i need to wear during my hockey tournament. as a keeper, i need to wear the safely helmet and i cant wear my specs. thankfully, the power of my eyes are not that bad for the past few years since i started wear my specs. but still i need to (dont u agree with me?).

maybe i should think more about this. and how do i wear contact lens?! if i am this afraid?!
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